Yo, I’m copping out of this post, because it’s my birthday. I’m 23! Not an amazingly useful age. No big milestone. This is perfectly fine, of course – but not much has changed. I’m still in my early 20s, and I can still drink and I can’t rent cars yet.

But it was a good day! Birthdays are not a big deal in my house, back where I lived with my parents. Of course I always got presents, but we didn’t throw parties, ever – we’d wake up early, the whole family, eat something sweet with a candle on it, get big hugs, and that’d be it. I was fine with that! Sometimes we’d do something cool like go out to a show, just the fam, or get dinner at a restaurant we usually skipped in favor of something cheaper. But it was always simple.

Yesterday morning, my girlfriend baked me a cake with raspberry jam and coffee and cream cheese in it. Last night my best friend and my girlfriend and I ate good appetizers at a good pub, and drank astounding cocktails at a bar two blocks from my apartment. We got way more drunk than we intended to; threw a book at a public art installation; ate cheese pizza in my apartment at midnight and sobered up slowly and happily. This morning, my girlfriend and I spent much of the afternoon in a cool part of town, eating good food and drinking good coffee and looking into quirky boutiques. I bought a pair of very nice boots, to last me a while. We went out to dinner at a Bohemian restaurant, and it was delicious, and soon we are going to watch Star Trek. I did almost no homework this weekend.

It was simple! And it was very, very good. Here’s my cop-out post: I’m so terribly happy. 😀

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